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  • May 8th, 2023

Before the internet, businesses used television to reach potential audiences. They repeated campaign slogans and jingles again and again to attain the top-of-the-mind position. The slogans that were effective led businesses to multiply their sales by many folds and achieve the position that they are in today. An example of this is Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign. After it was first released in 1988, the campaign made Nike a $9.2 billion company from just $800 million in only 10 years. The two main reasons for this result were the short and simple nature of the slogan and the repetition of it over the years.

Compared to TV commercials, Pay-per-click is a modern marketing tool. And if it is used correctly, it can help a business grow to great heights.

Why Choose a PPC Strategy for Your Business?

PPC is a great way to reach the right audience. So, businesses can build a customer profile based on their interests, age, and demographics to increase the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. A good PPC strategy can help your business in many ways:

1. Brand Awareness

Pay-per-click or PPC is a great way to build awareness amongst customers. It is better than pay-per-view (PPV) advertising because the business only pays when there is a click or interaction. Although the main aim of the ad is to get interactions, if the customer only keeps viewing the ad, they get aware of the brand before clicking it.

This is also great because 92% of first-time visitors on the website do not buy anything. So, retargeting through the ad without paying for any clicks is a great way to keep the brand on top of their mind.

2. Associate Words with Brands

A good PPC copy is simple and helps people associate keywords with the brand. For example, people associate virtual mental health help with businesses like BetterHelp and TalkSpace because of the conditioning through PPC and PPV ads. This means that a good PPC strategy helps businesses market the product as a solution to the problem or need of the customer.

3. Choose the Right Platform

To derive the best results, it is important to choose a platform where the target customers are. For example, for the younger audience, PPC on Instagram is the right way to target. On the other than, if your potential customers are professionals, LinkedIn might be the best place to market, even though its PPC rates are the highest ($5.26 per click).

Even though the rates are high for Instagram as well, if your audience is mostly there and purchases through the platform, there isn’t a better platform to choose.

4. Use PPC in Conjunction with SEO

Around 27% of website visits come from PPC advertising. Even though 53% of the remaining website visits are organic, the likelihood of the PPC visitors becoming customers is 50% higher. But because a majority of traffic comes organically, SEO cannot be disregarded.

SEO is also important because PPC is becoming very competitive. So, targeting the right ad group, right keywords, and using impactful copy makes PPC effective. So, PPC with a blend of SEO is the best way to grow your business.

5. A/B Split Testing

PPC doesn’t work well if you have only developed one ad to target potential customers. This is because you need to do tests with different visuals, texts, and even button options. For example, the button “Visit Website” might not work as well as the button “Learn More”. What works with a particular option can only be determined by A/B testing.

Final Words

If you’re still not doing PPC advertising, you’re missing out on a lot of potential audience. With the rising competition, you cannot only succeed by using an effective SEO strategy. The tips in the article can help you improve your PPC strategy and maximize the ROI of every dollar you spend.